Each Stellar Service Offers Its Own Value Proposition
  • Stellar Roofing – Great value without risks.
  • Stellar Solar – The most affordable and most attractive solar PV available.
  • Stellar Heating & Cooling – High efficiency furnaces, boilers, air conditioning, and hot water.
  • Stellar Energy Diagnostics – What gets measured, gets improved.
  • Stellar Windows – Energy diagnostic confirms the need to replace. Re-testing confirms the benefit and safety.
  • Stellar Insulation – The cheapest energy is that which you don’t use.

Our number one goal is to assess and determine all cost saving energy options before determining the size and capacity of solar as an option for energy savings. By integrating the experience of our veteran team, with energy diagnostics, HVAC, windows, and insulation, we can first work to reduce energy consumption and then move to energy production with the use of solar arrays. Educating customers in this process is a step that is well worthwhile as it can lead to overall reduction in cost and quicker payoff.


Updating systems for the future include making accommodations for future technology. For example, increasing capacity of a home or residential electrical service that would allow for the plug in of electrical vehicles is the kind of forward thinking that makes Stellar stand out in this industry.

In making the leap into the Solar business, we felt that the vision had to include the professional integration of roofing. Why? In order to truly incorporate efficiency, quality, and warranty with penetrations that are to be done to a new or existing roof, expert roofing experience is required. At Stellar, we have that in our veteran roofing team with both residential and commercial experience. Additionally, we have experience in Off Grid solar energy installation and production that enables us to offer a wide variety of options for meeting your energy needs.


From the initial meeting, we want to exceed in doing the best, most efficient, cost effective, quality job we possibly can. We want to offer a complete package done by our team of professionals, not subcontractors that do not share the same vision. Unlike the weather, the Stellar team is confident that the job will be done as predicted, with the customer satisfaction that has made us who we are today. Just ask our customers!

See What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Specializing in high performance outcomes, Stellar Energy Contractors provides comprehensive and proactive heating services in the greater Golden area.


We take every extra step to ensure a rewarding client experience, including timely arrival, tidy job sites, and a personalized approach.


Doing our part, Stellar Energy Contractors specializes in solar solutions, offering homeowners in the greater Golden area groundbreaking innovations such as solar roofing.

Air Quality

Stellar Energy Contractors takes the time to do the job right. We solve indoor air quality issues for home and business owners in the greater Golden area.


We provide sustainable solutions to every type of challenge including lighting, outlets, circuit breakers, wiring, switches, and more.

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